Self-Publishing with Amazon KDP: An Interview with Author Lina C. Amarego

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Self publishing is an emblem that represents independence for any author. It is a sense of achievement for them to publish their own book under their name. And Amazon KDP is all about help them in reaching the phase of self-accomplishment. 

In addition to giving the authors their peace of mind without fretting over the stress of publishing, Amazon KDP also provides the support facilities to ensure the sale of their books. But all this appreciation is of no worth if there are no feedbacks and reviews of its services.

So, today we have with us, Lina C. Amarego, author of the super exciting and impressive storyline 'Daughter of the deep' and we'd be getting to know all about her experiences of self-publishing and with Amazon KDP. 

Now let's proceed with the interview.

1)    What and how led your journey as an amazon author to begin?

-    I decided at the beginning of 2020 that I wanted more control over my process. So, I looked into several self-publishing options, and then came across the AmazonKDP program. I just got into it without wasting any time and finally it gave me the most freedom and reach.

2)    Okay So, can you brief us about how the KDP works?

-    There’s a lot about KDP that you can read from their website. But just to brief about it, if you purchase your own ISBN, you simply have to upload your work and set the release date, it’s that easy. They print it for you and distribute it once you enable it.

3)    What were the challenges that you faced during the publication of your book?

-    I had some issues getting books printed ahead of time as I had announced a giveaway. And also the night of my preorders. I had some technical difficulties, where the book didn’t appear in the search feature. But other than that, I had a smooth process.

4)    Can you tell us about your costing in the whole process?

-    Between my editing costs, set-up fees, cover design, merchandise and marketing, I spent around $1800. But I know people with smaller budgets that had just as good of an outcome as mine.

5)         What factor pleased you most about KDP?

-    It offers freedom and it’s easy to use!

6)    Is there anything inadequate that you found in their services?

-    Yes, there was one thing that I found inadequate that I had to use another service to print my hardcover editions. And also that KDP doesn’t allow paperback pre order. Both of these were important to me, so I had to use another service as well, which made things complicated.

7)    Did you face any complications during the promotion of your book?

       -         So far, no major complications!

8)         Can you interest the audience in brief about the content of your book and will there be a     sequel?

-Here is the brief description:

A wedding to end a war. 

A town torn apart by a bitter blood feud. 

A daughter willing to sacrifice her freedom to free her family. 

An alleged killer returned from exile to clear his name. 

And a mischievous sea god with a penchant for meddling in mortal affairs. 

And yes! The sequel “Sister of the Stars” will come out in April, 2021.

So, this was Lina C.Amarego' delivering her experiences to us about KDP. She has put forward all her efforts to be a recognised self-published author. With this, you must be now aware about the working process of KDP concisely. 

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