Amazon PPC Software: AiHello Ads Automation Roadmap

November 2020:

Create Campaigns Bulk: Allow the ability to create auto & manual campaigns in bulk from just providing the SKUs. The keywords for manual campaigns will be automatically harvested from existing campaigns, amazon suggestions or AiHello machine learning algorithms.

December 2020:
Manual AutoPilot: The new bids are offered as suggestion. This is for large agencies that need one extra step to manually approve new calculated bids. Bids can be approved as single or in bulk.
Sponsored Brands: First release of Sponsored Brands

Watch YouTube video for more understanding-

Jan 2021:
Sponsored Display : Images
Sponsored Display: Videos


Feb 2021:
Product Targetting: More refinement and better algorithms


April 2021:
Instagram Ads:View data and insights
AutoPilot for Instagram


June 2021:
Facebook Ads: View Data and insights
AutoPilot for facebook ads


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