Why everyone should care about the brand within the company.

There are many temptations when talking about brand management and the value of the same ones. One of them is to think that the brand and everything that corresponds to it is an issue that is only relevant for certain professionals and certain sectors. You can fall into the trap of compartmentalizing everything and put everything in its box, in its specific space and its specific niche, which makes you lose sight of the major problem.

In today's world of business, things no longer work exactly that way (if they ever did), and companies have to focus everything much more holistically than they did in business. It is becoming more important to see everything as a whole.

From the outset, consumers' own relationship with brands has changed. Consumers are increasingly able to access more and more information and are able to see in a much broader way what they have in front of them. Now they not only care about the products they are consuming, for example, they also want to know everything about the brands and companies that are behind them, from how they operate and how they manufacture things to how they treat their employees. This set of data and information is what has become a kind of compass today for consumption.

And to continue, the very importance of the brand and its value is so important that it should not be minimized or left alone in a few hands. 

The brand's value.

The brand is, it recalls, a kind of glue that holds everything together. Companies offer things to market, but branding is what makes them perceive one way or another and what makes consumers connect with it and its products.

Therefore, the brand should not be seen as only the concern and work that the CMO should carry out. "The brand does not belong only to the CMO," he recalls. Since the head of marketing is the main responsible for that field and the one who works in branding, making products known or positioning brands, its role is crucial, it is true, but not for this the others should be disregarded of the brand.

In reality, the brand is a work of all and an obligation / concern of all the different positions of the firm. In it they have to work from the CEO to the brand ambassadors, passing through all the intermediate points. Everyone involved in the company has to be aware of its importance and its weight and has to be able to understand its value.

And, once it is clear that the brand is crucial and that we have to work on it, there should be no doubt that there is also to invest in it. Allocating resources to the brand is, says the expert, how to achieve a return on investment. Cultivating the brand can improve your knowledge among the public and arouse emotions or can serve to connect with the consumer.

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