The newest professional profile that companies are looking for.

Brands and companies have to face a changing environment and a series of new demands and new challenges, which quickly move to their workforce. What do they have to know right now? What do they have to be interested in than ever before to meet consumer expectations and to be the latest in the needs of the market?

Companies not only need to answer those questions, but the answer is also changing what they are looking for and what they need in their marketing teams. This is what has made that in recent times they've sought profiles specialized in Internet and particularly certain specific elements, have begun to seek profiles such as mathematicians and scientists for marketing teams to meet the needs associated with big data or that have been robbing professionals from other sectors, such as the media, to fit the growing needs of companies in content.

Professionals have begun to be much more imaginative and creative as far as professional outings are concerned and also have been forced to assume more and more needs in what training touches. In a scenario in which companies look for professionals prepared on more specific issues, training and courses have become the key to being that particular professional looking.

Social networks have become the epicenter of many of these new demands. Community managers, for example, were, in the early days of the social boom, the professionals that had become fashionable and that everyone seemed to want and seek, as brands and companies were facing a reality that they didn't know and they seemed to be who could offer the solution. Everyone seemed to be looking for a community manager and everyone was trying to become one.

But social networks quickly became a much more complex and much more diverse space and therefore, companies had no choice but to incorporate many more professionals with many more capabilities. They began to need analysts, managers, content creators, graphic designers ... And, in the midst of all this boom of professionals and needs, a sort of constant was emerging: as certain networks became fashionable and certain behaviors and contents become social, companies needed professionals who fit with it.

So now companies need those who offer them video services and who help them capitalize on the interest that online videos spark both in streaming and on demand, for example. And, of course, they need those who help them position themselves in the latest fashion social network. Instagram has become the social network in which everyone wants to be and that has begun to cannibalize the engagement and success of other social networks, as can be the case of for example Facebook, its owner. As Instagram is getting more successful, companies are looking more and more to professional experts in it.

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