Switching on Smart Fulfillment Via AiHello for Woocommerce/Shopify and Amazon FBA Integration

1. Click on Settings > Order Fulfillment

Click on the settings menu at the bottom of the left navigation bar and then click on “Order Fulfillment” to bring up the order fulfillment settings.

2. Select the marketplace to fulfill

Select the marketplace for which you want AiHello to fulfill your customer orders. Clicking on a marketplace will bring up the fulfillment settings box.

Marketplaces that you have already enabled fulfillment for will have a blue checkmark in the corner.

3. Adjust your warehouse fulfillment settings

Firstly, make sure that the “Enable Fulfillment by AiHello” button is turned on. Then you can enable or disable the warehouses available for the chosen marketplace as well as drag and drop the warehouses to sort them by priority.

If one warehouse is unable to fulfill the order AiHello will default to the next enabled warehouse on the list. Click on the “Rules” button to set specific rules for each warehouse.

4. Set warehouse fulfillment rules

We allow you to customize the fulfillment options for each channel and each specific warehouse:

  • Shipping/Item Price: this allows you to set minimum and maximum amounts to authorize fulfilling orders

  • Countries: Select which countries can or cannot be fulfilled

  • SKUs: Select which SKUs can or cannot be fulfilled

5. Save and Finish!

Click the save button to confirm your settings.

Congratulations! Your set-up is complete

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