Key Terms You Need to Know When You Start Out as A Seller

FBA: Yes? No?
  1. Seller Rating
    Most sites like amazon will grant you a seller rating once you sign on as a seller. Seller rating is the number one way your customer will figure out whether you are a reliable seller or not. If you have a high amount of positive feedback, your seller rating will be high. Which in turn means that more people will see your products, because the algorithm at amazon will promote sellers with higher ratings. Ratings are provided to sellers based on a number of parameters, which includes things such as feedback from customers, response time with regards to complaints, shipping time that you take, among a few things that might be considered. Obviously, you can appeal against hits on your seller rating, but you might want to be careful using that. If found guilty, you will be penalized further.
  2.  Fulfillment by Amazon
    Honestly, packaging and shipping is difficult. Not only is there a ton of paper work involved in this process, but there are high chances of you messing up when you are doing everything. Here is where Fulfilment by Amazon(FBA) comes in. All that you really need to do is send your inventory to a FBA centre, and they store, pack and send parcels on your behalf as the sales come in. The best part about all this is that Amazon charges you on a pay-per-use model, meaning there isn’t a minimum requirement for the quantity of product you produce, instead, you just have to pay Amazon a commission every time you make a sale.
  3.       Feedback
    Feedback is the most vital step in the online business. This is where customers leave you feedback on the quality of the items that you are selling to them. Feedback is also a way of talking to your future buyers and aiding them with any queries that they might have. 

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