We are excited to announce that we have launched the powerful "Placement Boost" feature.

The placement boost is at campaign level and lets you boost your bids by certain percentage on Top Of Search or at Product Detail pages.

A screenshot of the Placement boost feature on Amazon is shown below.

This can be a very powerful feature to use or it can be a disaster. The usual recommendation for new sellers to switch off this feature as it can deplete your budget quickly with no profits.

Not anymore!

We have launched the "Placement Boost" feature that will let our PPC Automation algorithm handle this boost. The software will analyze your existing sales and constantly update the boost daily to get the most juice out of Amazon.

This is a screenshot of the feature in AutoPilot settings.For existing AutoPilots, this will be OFF by default. You can jump into the platform, open up AutoPilot settings for each campaign and switch it on.

Boosting placement bids is like a lever and magnifies your bids to make sure you sell more. It is a very powerful feature in your arsenal so don't hesitate to take advantage of it today

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