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AutoPilot has been updated for finer product targeting automation.With this new release AutoPilot can precisely predict the bids required for each target and works whether your campaign is targeting competitor products via ASINs or via targeting complete category of products.

This change is available on both Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands.

Note that Sponsored Brands is currently only available for select clients and we are working hard to release this for the general public.

Product Targeting

Amazon Product Targeting

AutoPilot can now precisely modify the bid for each competitor ASIN based on your sales as well as competitor sales, if available.Competitors sales are forecast using their Best Seller's rank.


Category Targeting

Sponsored Products Category Targeting

AutoPilot PPC Automation also handles Sponsored Products Category targeting with ease. The current release can handle the bids management and the changes will be visible in AutoPilot logs


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