As a seller, there comes a time when you are most interested in scaling your customer acquisition channels to grow your business. Sometimes it can be a tall order knowing the best platform to bring traffic to your site; traffic that you can convert to actual customers.

Perhaps you have already taken your time and created the killer content & product descriptions. You have also probably studied your site analytics – and you are well conversant with best selling locations (globally). However, you can do better; that there are ways you can test channels faster, get more flexible, and even leverage existing customer data for a more in-depth insight into your next audience?

Sounds interesting, right? One thing is for a fact; eCommerce is all about generating sales. Artificial Intelligence can be of great help when it comes to prospects conversion- from finding the potentials to providing after-sale services. It sure has its flaws as well, however, the effects of AI in helping you become a 9-figure eCommerce company cannot be underestimated;

Five-Step Plan to Grow Your Ecommerce Business with AI

Start using AI for your eCommerce store to;

1.     Get reviews for your products and guard your companies reputation

Personalizing customer experiences can be a game-changer when it comes to online reputation management. To achieve this milestone; as a trader- you need to understand customer demands clearly. Customer data collected on social media and purchase history is so powerful it shouldn’t be overlooked; you get to understand the exact customer demands when you collect and value their feedback.

Once a customer has purchased a product, the customer may be disappointed when the delivered product is far from expectations. That’s why it is crucial for a trader aspiring to have a 9-figure eCommerce company, to employ the use of AI to help understand customer preferences and offer top-notch services. 

AI technology creates a fantastic framework for achieving personalized customer experiences. Notably, this is achievable through taking feedback mechanism seriously, capturing data correctly, and training the system on unbiased data. Customers who enjoy personalized service delivery are most likely to share the amazing experience online. This leads the company to naturally build their online reputation by investing in Artificial Intelligence technology to serve customers better.

2.     Launch new products and get feedback about them

Launching a new product is a tricky affair for most companies due to the high uncertainty encountered during the development stage. In an attempt of eliminating the risk, it is crucial to evaluate new product initiatives systematically keenly. Moving on, you can then make pin-point decisions and eliminate the uncertainty. 

Integrated decision-making based on AI technology techniques will be vital through the entire process and boost confidence during a new product launch. AiHello has an intelligent approach that allows sellers to roughly and quickly experience and analyze product ideas by making use of previous customer experiences. AI techniques are used to accelerate new product development, taking into account factors of uncertainty that affect product development.

In short, AI techniques can be used to predict new product launch success in more than one dimension. However, it is worthy to note that the accuracy of results relies on a number of factors. Examples of such factors are like the number of available data relative to the given variables of interest, and the quality of data from the questionnaire. 

The yielded result can then act as a general guideline for companies that wish to predict the chance of success in launching new products. 

3.     Plan inventory to stock up for Q4(maximize revenues and minimize Amazon warehouse fees)

If you are an Amazon seller, then you already understand that effective inventory management is one of the essential factors for the success of your eCommerce store; especially following increment of long term storage fees for slow-moving inventory, the new Inventory Performance Index, and the increased FBA fees.

Inventory forecasting and analyzing current industry trends could help you get a rough idea for what to expect in Q4. Remember to factor your advertising efforts into the overall inventory management plans if you want to avoid running low/out of stock on popular items.

It can get quite challenging trying to find the perfect balance for Q4 inventory; however, applying some wits as an Amazon seller to understand demand, trends, and previous sales data could help you avoid overstocking or running out of stock.

When delving into Q4, be ready for anything; in as much as you should have clear predictions that consider previous demand, sales uplift, and marketing initiatives, sometimes you can later come to realize that an item you may not have imagined performing excellently, literally turning into a top seller. This is where AI could come in strongly and be a game-changer!

4.     Launch your own brand website (and start shipping by Amazon)

Small business owners can use equally use AI to their advantage as far as their startups are concerned.

 Artificial Intelligence simply asks the user for details such as business name and industry, and using this information, creates a website in less than a minute.

If the designed site doesn’t fully satisfy you, AI can recreate the website in a matter of seconds. You can repeat this process indefinitely until the AI technology gives you a brand-new site with features that match your company. 

When considering to use Artificial Intelligence to create a website, remember your main focus is marketing your business for traffic purposes. One way of ensuring your site gets the traffic it deserves is to mention it on all your social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 

Thanks to the power of AI, traders can now automate their marketing by using marketing solutions such as AiHello, which relies on Artificial Intelligence to help automate several aspects of your business marketing including email marketing and mobile push notifications.

5.     Expand sales globally 

Successful eCommerce store owners will always tell you that making sales is all about connecting with a customer at a personal level. AI can be such a powerful tool to help power up those personal connections by issuing the sales teams with the required information to ignite a conversation. 

Besides, AI can also be used to generate revenue predictions at senior-level for sales managers by giving a clear insight into the trend of sales, which are broken down by sales reps, and sales organizations.

When it comes to expanding sales, AI goes a long way to offer unique and reliable customer experiences across every touchpoint. 

Whether customers are shopping from a store near them, online, or from anywhere in the world, AI attempts to eliminate all the complexity that relates to successful sales and follow-up of clients.


AiHello is a Saas which offers endless opportunities to make easy the journey of their customers and these applications rely hugely on AI solutions.

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Remember, automation is the key to scaling up your business!

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