Smart fulfillment is at the core of AiHello’s platform. If you’re an eCommerce seller who does business on Shopify, Woocommerce or Amazon we help you smartly fulfill your orders. Let’s better understand this with an example. Say, I sell on Woocommerce and I sell all across the world. The main challenge is fulfilling each order that may be originating from various different countries all across the globe. In the case where a customer from the US or Mexico purchases an item, then we would want to fulfill the order through Amazon US since it makes geographical sense to fulfill that order through Amazon US.

If a Woocommerce user buys your product from Amazon France, Amazon Italy, Amazon Spain or what have you, AiHello helps you fulfill that order through Amazon UK because, again, it is the most efficient means to fulfill that order. On Woocommerce, we have enabled fulfillment by AiHello so that we can choose whichever order that comes from that country, we will fulfill that order with the most efficient fulfillment option. For instance, Amazon US will fulfill all orders that come from the US. Once you’ve connected more Amazon fulfillment options, you can select which fulfillment option for each country. So you can see here when I choose Amazon UK I can choose which countries to be fulfilled by Amazon UK. With AiHello, you have the ability to choose the fulfillment option for a number of countries making it easier to keep track of order.

Furthermore, it helps you quickly branch out from Amazon’s multi channel fulfillment to Woocommerce or Shopify so you don’t have to manually go to Woocommerce and fulfill those orders - AiHello does this automatically. Basically, AiHello puts your fulfillment process on cruise control for any ecommerce platform. You can also choose to fulfill your orders through an assortment of 3PLs in our network since Amazon can be pricey. If you’re in the US, Canada or Mexico, you can fulfill your orders through ShipBob and we are also connected with several 3PLs in the European Union which you can try out as well. To start fulfilling today, visit

Easily fulfill your marketplace and shopping cart orders. Amaze your buyers with fast, predictable, and lightening fast order fulfillment. If uou sell on Amazon’s marketplace then you already leverage the world class warehousing and order fulfillment of Amazon. The next step is to use these Amazon super powers on your own brand site (Shopify or Woocommerce Supported). AiHello integrated your website with Amazon and provides fast fulfillment to your buyers.

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Boost your eCommerce sales by expanding to new marketplace and countries with few clicks.

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