If you are a seller who is selling quite a few orders per month, you have probably thought about starting to ship your products via Amazon’s fulfilment. If you are still on the fence about this, we give you eight reasons on why you should definitely make sure your products on Amazon are FBA.

Choose FBA for a tension-free shipping experience

1)       Items can be shipped to customers at any time with FBA. You don’t have to worry about anything related to handling, shipping, and returns. Amazon does it for you, working 24-7 to make sure your products reach the customers on time and that your customers have the best experience. You don’t even have to print shipping labels for your packages. All you have to do is monitor you inventory levels so you can send in more stock when it’s needed.
2)      You can make use of Amazon’s world-class shipping centers if you opt for FBA. Your customers get to enjoy options like low cost shipping, free shipping, and one day shipping without any additional headache to you, thanks to Amazon.
3)      Your losses and damages are greatly reduced. This is because you’re working with the most trusted ecommerce platform. Amazon’s customer satisfaction rates are the highest, and they take pride in it. When you use FBA, your goods become more than your goods. They become Amazon’s property for the time being, and Amazon treats them as such. Their process of order processing and inventory tracking is very automated, so you don’t need to worry about your merchandise getting lost or damaged. Amazon is very efficient.
4)     Your customers are more satisfied because they get quick deliveries with great packaging.

FBA tag is a confidence boost for customers

5)    You attract more buyers with FBA. This is because Amazon is a huge platform and knows well how to appeal to the customers. Amazon FBA merchants enjoy greater visibility because their products are advertised to the top buyers and the Prime buyers. The latter group gets a lot of offers from Amazon, and they have a much smoother buying experience, so they choose to spend much more than your average buyer.

6)     Many online shoppers choose to search for relevant products directly through Amazon instead of using a search engine. This gives Amazon sellers a huge advantage over the others.

7)     Once you decide on FBA, you will no longer be held by limitations of small scale. You won’t be crippled by poor logistics. Amazon will provide you the best logistics there can be, and it will level the playing field for you. This will help you grow your business rapidly and spend more time on marketing and promotional activities.
8)     FBA products are the ones that are mostly advertised to the Amazon Prime members. They get exclusive discounts on these products, which boosts the sales. This is very beneficial for you and your business.
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