The Big Traffic Question

The key to running any successful business is to have clients that buy products from you. Customer acquisition is the number one priority for any company that is selling online. Suppose you have or are planning on increasing your sales online, then you must make sure that you follow these ways to get traffic to your store, without spending a ton of money doing advertising campaigns.

Make Sure Your Store is Beautiful!
Having a beautiful website means that there will be people looking at your store for a longer amount of time. The design of your store is surely going to have a positive impact on future customers if it has a professional looking design. A store’s website represents what the store stands for. If you are selling products that look amazing, then the clients will expect that your website also looks stunning. For example, if you are running a store that sells wedding gowns and dresses, but your site looks like it was last redesigned in the turn of the 21st century, be prepared to lose a ton of customers. Your customer is spoilt for choice today. They are at liberty to choose from the 100s of stores that exist online today. If your store is well designed, it is considered to be more reliable and trustworthy.

Your design needs to be cross-platform, and responsive

Nailing Social Media is Key
The advantage of social media is that you can promote your store for free on it. You can run ad campaigns if you want, but having a few posts a day and engaging your customers builds trust in your brand in the long term. The only way to succeed here is to have content that blows your competition away. You have to be unique and stand out from the crowd. Your audience won’t look at you for more than a few seconds, make them count! The first thing to do is to be regular and post, at least once a day. You must also engage with your users, reply and leave responses that are witty. Try to capture their imagination. Concentrate on Facebook and Pinterest as they drive traffic to online stores more than any other social media. Make sure that you post a lot of images, because they are organically rated higher than just plain text posts.
Care for Your Customers Like They Are Your Babies
The more correct term to use here would be a golden egg laying chicken, but since we can’t say that to your customer’s face you have to make sure that your customers know that you are aware of the issues that they are facing and that you empathise with them when they need you the most. Make sure you deal with negative feedback properly! Also, try to ensure that your customers have a happy and positive experience while shopping with you. Amazon has customer service set as it’s number one priority, and the number of sales conducted on amazon is a metric that speaks for itself.
Discounts Galore!
Oh, don’t you crave for a good deal? That is exactly what a large number of consumers want. The word “free” has a play on it that entices even the most stringent spender online. However, running promotions or discounts does not mean that you have to bleed. Promotions where you offer free shipping over a certain order brings in the money without causing financial harm to you. You could also offer shipping costs as cashback or discount vouchers to make sure a customer shops at your store again!

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