Sellers always find a solution when they choose the most profitable products they offer on Amazon. Buying products is a very simple thing that every seller should know about. 

To buy and optimize your products on Amazon in chronological order, follow these steps:

- Buying Amazon Products?
- Product Sourcing from Amazon
- How to Buy Products From Amazon
- Conclusions

Buying Amazon Products?

Not all sellers make their own products, so you should rely on reputable and trustworthy sources to get your product. The source is the manufacturer, wholesaler, or shipping company. In the era of eCommerce, there are many new and unprecedented sources, methods, and platforms emerging for potential sellers to make profits beyond imagination on giant eCommerce platforms like Amazon. But getting directly involved in competing with random products can be financially damaging, even for the smartest salespeople. Therefore, product research can provide the best information on market trends, customer preferences, and analysis of future prospects.

Product Sourcing from Amazon

Search your best products by keyword

The best way to understand Amazon's best-selling products is to look at the search results. Enter random keywords or products you want to sell and see the search results. Only products with a monthly search volume of 1,000,000 or more are considered. An adequate amount guarantees the future of the product.

For example, the search results for leather shoes for men is 60,000 and the monthly volume is over 13,000, but the search results for leather shoes for women is 2,000 and the number of monthly search results is almost the same.

This makes it clear which of the two products can provide a stronger financial base. You can do the same search for certain products that you think are suitable for advertising on Amazon.

Please take into account the dimensions and shipping cost of the product

We recommend choosing a small and light product. Shipping costs are minimal and product life is not affected by inadequate shipping services.

Durable Items 

For starters, it's always safer to sell items that are durable and shatterproof. The reason is simple because you don't want to get bad customer reviews the first time because the product is damaged.

Products like – Mirror furniture, vase, sceneries, etc.

The worst part is that if it falls in transit or is shipped via Amazon as fulfillment by Amazon, you can't even improve shipping. You can only manage shipping and inventory if you manage everything yourself.

Learn from the Experts 

You can learn a lot from their history. Many vendors started out as mediocre, and some succeeded after many failures.

Discover their failure stories. Failure teaches us more than success can teach us. Read books written by several salespeople to learn more about their strategies. Find out all the products they launched and why and how they make money selling them.

Pay close attention to why their products are so attractive to others.

Always choose your products by selecting them according to these criteria

- Maintain margins 25-35%.
- Find products with at least 30 reviews
- Best seller ratings must be below 2000 on Amazon
- Find products that are lightweight, durable and indestructible.
- Choose a publicly rated and reputable manufacturer or wholesaler.

Analyzing hundreds of products by category, BSR, weight, and shipping cost can be a very time-consuming and laborious process. Now, what if I said that in addition to these methods there are tools to tell you about the best products?

Yes, there are two ways to search for products on Amazon. One is manual and the other is automatic. In automatic product search, you use paid tools. These tools make product search easy.

How to Buy Products From Amazon

After reading about the best way to research and identify the most profitable products on Amazon, it's time to read where sellers are getting their products from. Based on a supplier's favorite places to ship their products, here is a list of some of the best ways suppliers can use to purchase their products.

Depending on the origin and nature of the product, the main product categories are:

- DIY ( self-made) products or services 
- Manufacturer or wholesaler
- Dropshipping

Take a look to get the best product.

Wholesale/ Retail Arbitrage –

Many sellers wholesale carefully selected and sought-after products from retailers and wholesalers.


- Products get up to 75% off.
- products can be ordered in bulk and shipped to your preferred storage location. 
- The products are readily available, making it a quick and inexpensive way to procure products.


- You are not a manufacturer, so you cannot control the quality of your products.
- It is the user's responsibility to ensure the reliability and reliability of the wholesaler or manufacturer.
- Large orders can tear you apart if they have not been placed after repeated requests.

There are e-commerce sites that offer not only shipping discounts but cross-border programs as well.

Online Arbitrage – 

Another way to find your products is to use an online store that specializes in selling most products to their customers at a discount.

You can search for products marked by season, in stock, or on-demand.

Your product research should be smart and profitable. Not all online retailers accept the same payment method, so you should also be careful about which payment method you choose.

You can get great benefits when you order the product in bulk or in small quantities and try it out. No financial loss.

Auction and Thrift Stores –

This is another type of retail listing that works with the auction module. While these retailers use lightweight second-hand goods, they offer a wide range of unique and diverse products to choose from at lower prices.

This retail store is both online and offline. It works in two ways. You can sell used products or buy products to sell.

There are many online and offline auctions and thrift stores, two of which are mentioned here.

There are several shipping related categories like-

- Free Pay shipping 
- Ship for free items

Liquidation/Surplus –

These are shops that are about to close and are being liquidated at low prices.

Such customs clearance opportunities are actually opened by large box companies and sell products with discounts of up to 7075%.

This is one of the best places to buy your product. Diversity, quality, cost, it's all in your classroom.

Private Label –

Your own brand is the brand and name of your product and creates the identity of your product.

According to a report published by an online retailer, 50% of sellers sell some or all of their branded products on Amazon.

You can buy these products wholesale from wholesalers and name them by creating your own products or searching for unique products not claimed by other well-known brands or traders. ..

Your brand can be expensive at times, but it can give you an identity and establish your authority and brand among the millions of other sellers who sell similar products.

Drop-Shipping –

Dropshipping is the product procurement method that many people choose. Great for sellers who don't have the ability to manage inventory, own physical products, or ship to customers.

With drop shipping, you can rely on a legal and trusted manufacturer or wholesaler for storage, picking, packing, and shipping. When you get an order from the Amazon store you pay for the product.

As for the process, that's fine. As a seller you should focus on marketing and selling on Amazon stores, the rest will be handled by the manufacturer or shipping company.

Dropshipping can also lead to negative feedback due to delivery delays and quality issues, as each coin has two sides. Dropshipping gives you no control over product quality, speed of delivery and shipping, and more. But a good company and a reputable manufacturer can reduce the risk.

Create Your Own Products –

It's not easy, but there are some products that will attract a lot of fans if you make them yourself and add creativity.

There are many e-commerce sites working on the seller's own creation.

Arts and crafts, customizable DIY products, home decorations, and more can all be created at home and shipped safely to your customer's doorstep.

A few tips to evaluate potential products

Any product idea you have should be carefully considered before selling it. I have some questions to ask yourself during the evaluation.

Does my business benefit from this product? 

Make sure you have a product that gives you a good return so that you can reinvest in your business or generate some income for yourself.

Is it easy (or difficult) to make and sell this product? 

You can use drop shipping, wholesale, or print-on-demand services to create custom products for your business.

What is my budget?

Depending on the size and weight of the item, Amazon FBA shipping costs may be higher than other shipping methods.

Is this product seasonal? 

Make sure you launch new products at the right time when customers may need them. For example, if you run a clothing store, you should not sell shorts or tank tops at the start of winter. Your customers will be looking for sweaters and snow boots at this time.

How do you make your product more attractive than your competitors?

What are you passionate about?

Make sure you consider all these points.


Finally arrived!

These are some tips and tricks we have collected in one place for you.

Get the most out of this information and be confident enough to find your product on Amazon.

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