One of our highly used feature in the AutoPilot is "Automated Keyword Harvesting" or keyword finder.  This feature of autopilot will find relevant, highly converting keywords and automatically add them to your campaigns every day.
You can choose what type of keywords: Keywords that have made sales or keywords that have highest impressions or keywords with the highest clicks.

Screenshot below on how it looks like within the autopilot settings.

Few important things to note here

- We find keywords with our AI as well as Amazon recommendation. Usually our AI outperforms Amazon Recommendations.
-  New keywords have unknown CPC and influence your ACoS on the day it's added.
- The default settings suits most sellers
- Raising the number of keywords added daily influences the ACoS to a higher degree
- Reducing the number of keywords or disabling the feature all together stabilizes the ACoS much more.

In a nutshell, choose a balanced approach. If your ACoS is always above your target, reduce the number of new keywords added daily.

Automated Keyword Harvesting can be a powerful feature if used wisely. In addition to keyword harvesting within the same campaign, AiHello AutoPilot also has Automated Keyword Transfer between Auto Campaigns and Manual Campaigns. Look for more information about this in our upcoming posts.

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