Amazon has a new way for Amazon sellers to request reviews from their customers within Seller Central: Amazon’s "Request a Review" button.

This feature is easy to access and can help you boost your product reviews and ratings, improve your Conversion Rate (CVR) for your ecommerce products and in turn helping you to be more competitive on Amazon.

AiHello AutoPilot now allows Amazon sellers a completely automated review request experiencewith Review Solicitation Automation.Just switch ON the Solicitation and AiHello users can automatically send review requests for all orders that have been delivered

For your Ads on AutoPilot this will be an important tool since this improves your Conversion Rate (CVR) and your CVR rate under pins your ACoS in a major way

Higher CVR eventually leads to lower Advertising Costs (ACoS)

We hope you find this feature useful and use it to grow your business.

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