M-Commerce and mobile commerce: How to make the most of it during the summer?

Summer and heat are once again one of the most feared e-commerce times, which until now were forced to dust off their heavy artillery if they do not want to experience a considerable decline in their sales. In the summer, customers and potential customers disconnect their computers and set off for the beach to slip on their sandals, put on their swimsuit and lie on the sand. However, it seems that the season is going to be different, and is that, in this holiday context that is characterized by a certain distance between the brand and the consumer, the mobile is presented as a great help to alleviate this summer fall.

This summer the mobile becomes the ideal travel companion. State-of-the-art cameras allow users to share their services and videos on their social networks, finding excursions and activities is easier than ever, and booking a room in a hotel or table in a restaurant is not a problem. The purchases through the mobile reach their maximum exponent with the "trade of the Beach-Towel", or what is the same, the tendency to buy from the towel. The mobile phone has become an extension of the people.

In view of this increase in the use of the mobile that seems to have no brake, we are here to give you the keys to get the most out of your m-commerce this summer:

Adapt to changing trends: Mobile, an increasingly powerful device

Not to be outdone e-commerce have to take into account the paradigm shift that is taking place, where mobile is no longer an information tool at the beginning of the client's journey. Although this device continues to dominate the beginning and intermediate stages of travel, the difference is becoming more and more diluted than before separating from other devices such as the desktop, where most transactions were completed. This tendency was reinforced by the demand of the consumer of not to find physical obstacles when making their purchases; whether from the office or from the seashore; the consumer demands something and wants it instantly.

The mobile and app duo gets stronger

In this context, the use of applications that facilitate transactions of all kinds increases. E-commerce must also be aware of the limitations of each platform. The brand that was able to link a user with its application (download and use, without uninstallation) gets a very loyal consumer and can expect high conversions, albeit in a more limited buyers base. 

Everything points to the fact that, shortly, the choice of the device with which to carry out the transaction will be a mere matter of convenience of the user at all times.

Customize communication through transversal campaigns

A well structured complete strategy establish a personalized communication and the possibility of offering a bi-directional communication with the potential consumer, aware of their right to receive information according to their summer interests. Making the most of the e-commerce this summer is not only about bringing the demand to the most attractive and specialized way, but also for offering e-commerce the possibility of applying differentiated strategies that fit the best shape. 

Cross-border campaigns require traceability that is difficult to achieve now, but steps are being taken that e-commerce can begin to implement. Among these initiatives we have mandatory registration at the beginning of navigation, or inference tools that help advertisers to make desktop and mobile campaigns increasingly consistent.

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