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If you are an Amazon seller, it goes without saying that you have the potential to skyrocket your sales. Yes, you can make some money, at the same time, though, you mustn’t be tied down to only one platform to showcase your products. There are many eCommerce platforms out there- WooCommerce has grown to become one of the most sought after platform. I strongly believe that’s as a result of the WooCommerce Amazon FBA extension.

This fulfilment extension allows you to integrate WooCommerce with Amazon. This means that your customers and prospects can browse your shop, but every item they purchase are packed and shipped directly from Amazon.

Am I going too fast? Alright, let’s break it down to ensure we are on the same page.

Quick Facts and terms to understand 


Amazon is highly considered as one of the best starting places of e-commerce in the world. There are many benefits users of Amazon can boast of in the marketplace.

One outstanding benefit is that they are able to work with both start-up and popular selling channels. In the U.S., Amazon is a leading e-retailer. Recent 2019 statistics revealed that the company has a market capitalization of just more than 700 Billion U.S. dollars. It is not only in the U.S. where Amazon has stamped its authority but also worldwide.

Now, as a customer, with this knowledge, I believe you now understand that your customers can flow from literally everywhere and anytime. Besides, when selling on Amazon, one thing you should be guaranteed of is traffic. Amazon accounts for more than 2.58 billion unique visitors in every six months.  With such a rich audience base, you can be sure to put your products on the limelight and shoot sales instantly. Can anyone boast a better marketplace to sell products?


I bet you now understand that, as a seller, working with a renowned sales channel is bound to bring you more clients. Now, let’s delve into another leader- WooCommerce.

Your first step towards success is to own a WooCommerce store. It is a free but powerful eCommerce plugin for WordPress. The plugin enables you to sell your physical or digital products easily. WooCommerce boasts of over a million downloads. Its benefits have similarly seen it grow rapidly to become a trusted platform for WordPress eCommerce. It’s important to note that WooCommerce is an ever-growing business which is slowly but steadily encroaching the e-commerce field.

WooCommerce claims that they own nearly a third of all online stores. As a seller, you already know what working with such a market leader ultimately means; sales will skyrocket unapologetically!

There are some questions like- How to handle it? What is the best shipping company? How to quickly update inventory? Such questions are why we are here for you.

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA helps any individual seller and/or small to medium entrepreneur to buy or manufacture products, and sell the products on Amazon. The seller then earns income in U.S. Dollars. Amazon FBA is a solution which is bound to redefine sellers’ stocking and shipping. This outstanding innovation effectively completes all your orders from Amazon. There’s a warehouse where you stock your products. That is, safekeeping of your products will be your least of worries.

Following this creation of one of the most advanced fulfilment networks in the world by Amazon, your business can now benefit from this huge platform. Best of all, Amazon FBA can help you scale the business and reach more prospects using their well-established customer network!

In addition, Amazon gets to update you about your stock-list every day. Not to mention, they complete your shipment: all the way from the warehouse to the customer. In the end, you won’t have to search for ‘the best shipping company neither do you have to worry about customer service.

Amazon FBA also takes care of returns and refunds. If something ever goes wrong with an item during shipment, Amazon takes responsibility and sends a replacement or refunds your client appropriately. This fulfilment function is a guarantee to your safety, and your client’s as well.

Generally, using Amazon FBA relieves you from some burden as you focus on marketing and product listing.

Amazon and WooCommerce Integration

Each seller has to deal with a few different things, sometimes at the same time. This element of multitasking is why you need an integration of Amazon and WooCommerce. It assures you of speed and accuracy when handling these two marketplaces at once.

This article will focus on how to make good use of Amazon and WooCommerce integration and make your work easier.

Features of Amazon and WooCommerce Integration  

There are several features of WooCommerce Amazon Fulfilment. Here are some of the most outstanding features which are bound to make this integration a success;

Two different selling-channels

Perhaps, you are knowledgeable about the fact that these two sales channels operate on different policies and layouts. Thus, both require carefulness and effort leading to time-consuming management. Their popularity, on the other hand, is a common thing as they both offer you a wide range of customers. But the question is – how do you manage it?

Same Inventory

Most wholesalers usually sell already successful products or justify their brand leading to having similar inventory on different selling-channels. Updating some changes in your stock-list or product price in each account separately is the challenge. In that, you have to write the same information repeatedly into different websites, and you can’t control your entire e-shop inventory at once.

With this WooCommerce Amazon FBA, every inventory will be in sync and hence make your work will be made easier.

Inventory: Connect and Control Different Channels

You can easily avoid this stressful multitasking using a cost-effective way, which will neither take your time nor money. Employing the use of software, Amazon FBA offers you a solution, thus changing e-commerce management. You will be able to manage both selling channels using this extension.

Connect your accounts:

Once connected, your time-consuming tasks go away. Amazon FBA gives room for updating all inventories in bulk. This instantly appears in Amazon marketplaces and WooCommerce. It also allows you to make updates that directly affect those accounts. Meaning, you do not have to repeat price changes, description or stock-list in each e-shop since Amazon FBA automatically adds all updates. In addition, through this Amazon fulfilment channel, you can see and manage all inventories in one website.

Shipping: Control WooCommerce and Amazon Channels

Amazon fulfilment allows you to fulfil your orders as well as manage your inventory through one website. The software has Amazon and WooCommerce integrations, shipping included. Meaning, sending all your orders from different channels using only one platform has been made possible. Amazon fulfilment plugin has integrations with almost all shipping companies. After receiving an order, just pick one of the many shipping carriers:


As a seller, you may have some questions having seen all the benefits wholesalers get. Amazon FBA responds to all your questions. Use managing software to control all your inventory.

As soon as a shipping company announces your selling-channel, Amazon FBA automatically adds tracking numbers into it so no need to worry about tracking updates. It’s not just a handy management tool; it also saves you from time-consuming tasks.

Pros of Amazon WooCommerce Integration

Finally, it’s easy to transfer product data from their WooCommerce shops to Amazon and vice-versa. It helps to reduce human error and data entry times using the Amazon WooCommerce Integration plugin. Although it’s a paid product, it comes with many valuable features that other services don't offer.

Most sellers who have used Amazon FBA were quick to point out these Pros:

Product Data Validation – This extension allows you to verify that information on the product is in accordance with Amazon’s rules.

Order Acknowledgement – Orders are automatically acknowledged by the system upon creation, which means reduced steps for you.

Customer Refund – Amazon WooCommerce Integration allows you to process refunds directly.

Centralized Order Management – This feature allows you to view important information about orders through one simple dashboard, and with just a few clicks, you can either acknowledge or cancel them.

Bulk Uploading – You can upload a huge number of products with minimal effort because this extension uses the Amazon marketplace API.

Third-Party Software Integration – This plugin can be used alongside ShipWorks, ShipStation, or any other software of your choice.

In addition, choosing this WooCommerce Amazon dropship ensures you will be granted access to a personal account manager who can assist you through Amazon’s sometimes murky waters. This particular person will also help you learn how to go about the extension and also discover its features. Also, you will gain access to technical support. You may then chat with a member of the tech team live. When new features are added to the extension, you will also receive help in integrating them.

There are several unique and helpful WooCommerce Amazon Fulfilment options as you have seen. Any of these options can help you boost your sales potential. Whether you want to make sales on all your offerings on both Amazon and WooCommerce, or you simply want to provide your customers with an exciting new payment gateway, it's all included in there.

Cons of Amazon WooCommerce Integration 

Expensive – Amazon FBA might not be a great choice for you if you can’t afford the start-up costs. Things can get quite expensive, and there are a lot of fees to consider. The important thing to consider when choosing whether to go with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or self-fulfil your Amazon orders is the hidden fees and total cost associated with both options. Using Amazon can either be cheaper or more expensive than packing and shipping yourself. Especially if you take into account the costs of shipping the items to Amazon, which is cheap, plus the storage fees.

Ban– You lose shipping for WooCommerce if you get suspended on Amazon. Many have lost their business listing for things outside of their control after researching business cases. Just like social media and other platforms, Amazon also has banning checks in place. The top reason for having your Amazon seller’s account revoked could be for plenty of negative feedback on violation of the product quality. This can be a real challenge for your business due to stuff like comingling items and getting a small percentage of returns or numerous negative feedback.

It’s still not prime shipping– some sellers may not consider this shipment prime- in that, you might limit your shipping options such as not being able to integrate Walmart’s 2-day fast shipping for your products when you use FBA to fulfil orders.

Product categories restrictions – Restrictions on some product categories that Amazon deems hazardous such as, lithium batteries or aerosols is another limitation that some sellers face. To start selling such kind of products through Amazon FBA, there are some additional steps that sellers need to undertake, and storage fees are higher for them.


The goal of Amazon FBA is to save businesses time and provide them with multiple services they can use to expand. However, when there are more disadvantages than advantages, it all just depends on your business.

A well-calculated decision should be made whether to fulfil through Amazon or not. Evaluation needs to be done on the many factors and fees associated with sellers products and overall business plans by the sellers.

It’s up to the sellers to decide whether to fulfil their products by themselves or through FBA. They may see that some of their products may be suitable for FBA.

The decision of whether or not to fulfil through Amazon should be a well-calculated business decision. As a seller, you need to evaluate the many factors and fees associated with their products and overall business plans.

Remember, the veterans of the team will handle Installations, setup related work, account management and everything you need. You take the extension; they will carry out the work for you.

Do you want to start fulfilling your WooCommerce orders via Amazon FBA?  Register with Aihello today


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