A Few Tips That Every Seller Starting Out Wish They’d Known

Are you newly starting out as a seller? Are you struggling with Amazon? Here is a list of few tips that we believe every seller should know before starting out their selling career with Amazon!

Carry Amazon Inventory as Well as Your Own

Yes, it’s true, once you have a WebStore by Amazon, you can add products to your store that you don’t source or own yourself. You can take items from Amazon’s catalogue and add them to your inventory. Suppose you sell digital cameras, for example, but you don’t want to deal in the batteries or memory cards that go along with them. You can list those accessories from Amazon’s inventory, and when they sell, you’ll receive a referral fee from Amazon.

All of your store management features are available through your Seller Central account. Amazon handles all payment processing, so you don’t need a separate merchant credit card account, and you also get the fraud protection of working under the Amazon umbrella. Of course, your items are all covered by the Amazon A-to-Z Guarantee program. As an added benefit, Amazon will actually help to promote your store through search engines such as Google.

You Can Become a Featured Merchant After 30 Days

The one way you can be assured of becoming a Featured Merchant is to sign up for Seller Central. According to Amazon, once you do, after 30 days, as long as there are no “performance issues” against you, you will automatically become a Featured Merchant. That can make your first 30 days on Amazon the hardest of all.

Go for the Gold 

Pro Merchant sellers can also work toward Gold or Platinum status. These levels are based on monthly sales, and the specific criteria for them are not publicly disclosed. Amazon will automatically notify sellers as they qualify for the next level of Pro Merchant, according to Steve Grossberg, a Pro Merchant selling video games. “We certainly do reach out to specific merchants,” Amazon executive Matt Williams reported to AuctionBytes. But, Matt also told the publication that sellers can apply for Gold or Platinum status, and their applications will be reviewed. Moving up the scale of Pro Merchant accounts makes you eligible to sell products that are restricted to preapproved sellers. Yes, It’s true, unlike other online venues, Amazon restricts the number of sellers able to operate within certain inventory areas.

Featured Merchant

Your business will increase dramatically when you become a Featured Merchant on Amazon. What’s a Featured Merchant? Featured Merchants occupy a prime location on the product description page of items they list. If, for example, Amazon offers a Canon PowerShot camera for sale and you also sell the item, as a Featured Merchant, your listing is eligible to appear in the buy box

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