Is consumer loyalty lost through e-commerce?

Electronic commerce has an increasingly greater weight in consumer buying decisions. Potential customers of brands and retailers no longer only buy in their physical stores, but, in fact, increasingly do more and more in their online stores. As the weight of e-commerce within the overall trade is greater, more and more interested are brand managers and marketers in understanding how they consume and what is most interesting to buyers in the internet age. That is, brands wonder how these buyers are and what it will take them to consume. And, above all, they wonder how the relationships they will establish with these consumers once they pass that first moment of purchase.

The future situation is complex

Consumers buying more and more online and spending more and more money on their purchases in the network does not necessarily imply that they are establishing a loyal relationship with those places in which they buy. In fact, online shoppers are far less loyal and loyal to the brand than offline shoppers.

Consumers are looking for many things on the internet, but not a stable relationship with their store. The network becomes the stage to find products that are less easily available, to find good prices, to buy from the living room in a very comfortable way or to simply buy products away from home, but not to buy in that particular store.

Not everything is lost

But, despite these and even though consumers do not seem to be committed to loyalty when they buy online, not everything is absolutely lost in what online consumption refers to. Brands and retailers should not be resigned to having consumers come and go and disappear after the first purchase because the truth is that it is possible to establish much more complex relationships with buyers and make them become a continuum. Achieving customer loyalty in electronic commerce is not easy, true, but neither is it impossible.

In those consumers who have had a good customer service experience, things change. These consumers are much more 'seductive' on the part of the online store: in this case, they are much more likely to buy again with that seller or renew their relationship with them.

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